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the 2020   DFM    book  is now   also   KNOWM  as   tje


for   universal   needs    for


Design   for   strictness,  innovation, &

optimizing    everything



by the Thought-Leader of Product Development who wrote the Definitive Book on it

Timely  articles now: 

   Becoming an innovative company on the next project

How to avoid most shortages now 
AND design new products for unlimited scalability.

Easy o apply now:

Make Research for early assurance Scalability and DFM

All  54+ original article topics (below) can be included in Webinars taught to everyone anywhere

Design for ___________ articles

  DFM Article
     Designing in Quality
          Design for Scalability without shortages
                   Strategy for NPD and renewable energy
                    Manufacturable Research      and    Commercialization

Concurrent Engineering Articles

Concurrent Engineering of Challenging Products (white paper)  
OffshorIng  thwarts Concurrent Engineering!.
             Vendor - Partnerships   to save cost and time

             Low-Volume; High-Mix Environments       
                     Rationalization   to focus resources on most  worthy products

Articles about Time-to-Stable-Production 

Half the time to Stable Production 
        Time to Innovate        
Order Fulfillment in Half the Time  
        How DFM can cut labor demands in half

articles  about Cost  

    Design to Cut 9 categories of cost from half to 1/10  
         C ost  breakrhtoughs   Concept/Architecture optionization
7 Reasons Why "Cost Cuttine " after Design Doesn't Work;       
Compete on price without sacrificing profits
    Recession Strategies    
Backward-compatible "drop-in" replacements for existing
AND new products

Articles on Lean  Produstion   &   Build-to- Or

Designing products for Lean Production  .  See    Flex-Mfg   article

  Flexible mnudXTURABKE      
            Mass Customization
layouts for electronics and hardware
                     Management Overview to Mass Customization      
                        Standardization  *  
                            Low-volume / high-mix environments
Design  for Lean,, BTO, & Platforms
                                     Product Families  showing  plant celularl layouts  

Articles on Spontaneous Supply Chains (pulling parts)

Spontaneous supply chains        
    Automatic Part  Resupply with illustration o
f  kanban
Assuring Availability early with  Manufacture Research
                         Avoiding shortage and scaling problmes with Commercialization 

 Articles on   Implementation  and  Examples   

How to Design Ultra-Low-Cost Truss Structures   
        Unique article on  
Half_Cost Concentrated solar Power    with proposal
            Low cost  
Machine Control with Linkages   including solar tracking
               Ultimate case-study BTO case sty of
$430M green-field  BTO plant
                   Results page that that shows the best client results


Articles on Counter-Productive Policies

The Case Against Offshoring; and What to Replace it with.  
        Why Companies Can't Innovate and how to unleash innovation (Lists counter policies)
                How_not_to_lower_cost  with new warninggs  about product development
    How_not_to_lower_cost  with new warninggs  about product development

Why Companies Can't Innovate and how to unleash innovation (Lists counter policies)
7 Reasons Why "Cost Cuttine " after Design Doesn't Work;          Low-bidding      

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\  /

 These  last three alone can drain away 2/3 of engineering resources!
(Cheap parts, bidding, & Offshring


It is Time to Learn New Ways* to Design & Build

and Stop doing what gets in the Way!

* The 590 page 2020 book has 814 topic sections


Reduce cost of machine frames & structures with "drop in" replacements:
Steel Reduction Workshop  with many examples, like this one of a machine frame:

All of these article topics can be combined into
a customized two day DFM class or the
most advanced product development class

New Article: Strategy

Feature article: Why Companies Can't Innovate
and how to unleash innovation


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