Consultants should follow the Code of Ethics of the Institute of Management Consultants which has certified Dr. David M. Anderson has a Certified Management Consultant. In addition, Dr. Anderson adheres to the following ethics guidelines:

Expertise. Consultants who claim to be an expert should have the experience, background, and education to truly qualify as an expert. Dr. David M. Anderson does have world-class expertise in Design for Manufacturability and Concurrent Engineering because:

  • He has 25 years experience providing customized in-house seminars
  • He has authored four books, with various editions of his DFM book continuously in print since 1990. The 2008 DFM Book has is now the definitive book on DFM.
  • He has trained thousands of people at hundreds of seminars.
  • He has authored numerous articles and presented dozens of public speeches.
  • He has attained Fellow grade in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • He has three Professional Engineer registrations in Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering
  • His three web-sites present dozens of his articles on related subjects:

Truthful Representation. Sole practitioner consultants should present a truthful representation of their business. Consultants should not refer to themselves in the plural in brochures/websites or imply they have more resources than they have by using business names that include the words “Associates” or “Group.”
       Dr. Anderson makes it clear that he works alone and personally does all his preparation, seminars, workshops, and consulting.

Bait and Switch. Some consulting organizations send a “selling team” (senior consultants or partners who are good at sales presentations and deal-closing) and may do not adequately reveal who will actually be doing the bulk of the work, who may be less experienced associates. For corporate training of medium to large companies, there is more temptation to send a high-powered sales team (because it may be such a big sale) and then send many staff trainers who will read canned slides and not have enough experience to fully convey the material and answer all the questions.
In contrast, Dr. Anderson personally presents all seminars, facilitates all workshops, and customizes both to the company’s products and industry. For medium to large clients, he either presents multiple classes (like he did for Boeing) or trains one division at a time (like he did for seven HP seminars).

Not pitching product sales in “training.” As requested by his clients, Dr. Anderson swears not to pitch tools for sale in a training seminar or present, as training, techniques that need purchased tools to implement.  See full warning about this in the second section at:

Competition. Working for direct competitors could be a conflict of interest so Dr. Anderson has a policy of not working for divisions that are direct competitors.

Finders Fees. Finder’s fee for being recommended or recommending another consultant is a potential conflict of interest so each fee arrangement should be disclosed to the client. Dr. Anderson does not accept or give finders fees.

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Or call Dr. Anderson at 1-805-924-0100 to discuss implementing these techniques or e-mail him at with your name, title, company, phone, types of products, and needs/opportunities.

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