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by Dr. David M. Anderson, P.E., fASME, CMC
e-mail: anderson@build-to-order-consulting.com

See the Half Cost Products strategy at www.HalfCostProducts.com

    Dr. Anderson helps each client formulate a strategy based on an optimal balance of the techniques cited in the Half Cost Products article and then provides specific consulting and training to achieve the half-cost goal. 

Half-Cost Design Studies

Half-cost products depend on breakthrough concepts.  Sometimes these come from the brainstorming sessions that Dr. Anderson facilitates in workshops (above). More challenging endeavors may need his concept studies in which he generates breakthrough ideas, which concurrent engineering teams can then develop into manufacturable products.  Dr. Anderson is particularly effective for complex products that could benefit from simplified concepts, clever architecture, easy-to-build structures, and ingenious ways of control and guide part motions.

In his 35 years of design work he has done innovative design studies for:


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