Half Cost Products seminar/workshop

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By Dr. David M. Anderson, P.E., CMC; www.design4manufacturability.com

TOPICS; see full half cost strategy at www.HalfCostProducts.com

Product Development

C Product/process architecture; when 60% of cost is determined

C Concurrent engineering; reducing development and production costs

C Design for manufacturability; reducing parts and labor cost

C Eliminate quality costs by design

Product Portfolio Planning

C Product portfolio planning; maximizing the synergy of versatile product platforms

C Product line rationalization to out-source or eliminate low-leverage products to improve profits, free resources, and reduce overhead charges from other products

Production, Supply & Distribution

C Supply chain simplification; rationalizing away old parts and standardizing new ones

C Lean/flow production; eliminating setup, inventory costs, and other waste; saving floor space; reducing information and procurement costs

C E-commerce & build-to-order; reducing sales, production, & distribution costs

C Mass customization; eliminating customization costs, reducing variety costs, and expanding sales


C What to do with liberated resources

C Total cost thinking & measurement

     C Implementation

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