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Learn how to implement great leaps forward in product development
to exceed cost goals in half the time by design  

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        Design for Manufacturability Consulting.  All DFM consulting is personally performed by Dr. David M. Anderson, P.E., CMC, one of the world’s foremost authorities on the design for manufacturability, having written the book on DFM and taught DFM for 25 years to  leading companies.   These leading-edge  cost-reduction strategies are available now through Dr. Anderson’s DFM seminars and DFM consulting.

    Dr. Anderson has very effective approaches to help ventures, startups, and established companies commercialize prototypes and research.

DFM consulting can be by the hour in phone calls, emails, and remote meeting attendance.

    A wide range of DFM consulting activities is offered.  Design for Manufacturability consulting usually takes place on-site, usually following some training on DFM . DFM  consulting can be informal with the in-house "champion" or in the form of formal workshops with a diverse team of implementers. Smaller engagements can be done over the phone, teleconferencing, or by e-mail, which can greatly benefit strategy and implementation efforts with very little cost.

Specific Consulting
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