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         New article: Compete on price without sacrificing profits

        Newish article: Time to Innovate

        Concurrent Engineering for Challenging Products   New white paper

        Results; see results in several categories

    New article on Half Cost Solar Power at

    New article on Scalability to quickly increase production volumes, with section on how to greatly scale up solar 

        How to Build-to-Order Product Families article 

        Design for Growth article 

      Designing Low-Cost Products 

     Design for Manufacturability article

     Designing in Quality article

    Saving Cost and Time with Vendor/Partnerships

     Reducing Cost and Material Usage for Large Parts

    Vendor-partnership article (how this saves more than low-bidding and speeds time to stable production )

     Half the Time to Stable Production article

     Standardization article

     Mass Customization article

The ASME journal article, “Mass customization's missing link: The ASME journal article, "Mass Customization's Missing LInk;  the demand is there, but to fill it, companies have to know how to build mass-customized products on demand,” is available for download for a nominal fee at

    Build-to-Order & Mass Customization article

     Article on Rationalizing Product Lines by outsourcing or eliminating high-demand, low-profit products to
          immediately raise profits and free valuable resources for more profitable endeavors in
          product development, quality, and process improvement

     DFM Training; how to arrange

for Dr. Anderson's ethics standards: see his Ethics for Consultants article

    Article on How Not to Do Training

     How DFM Seminars & Workshops Are Customized for Practicality and Relevance

Links to Articles at 

     Designing products for Lean Production, Build-to-Order, and Mass Customization article

     Article on Cost Reduction; How Not to Lower Cost:

with new warnings about product development "processes" that don’t even have a Product Design phase and skip from "concept testing" to "prototype testing."

               Article on Why trying to "reduce" cost after design doesn't work

             Low-Bidding article, which may appear to lower one cost, but raises others and distracts from real cost reduction

             Outsourcing for cost article, the hidden costs of outsourcing and its detrimental effects
                on real cost reduction efforts, like teamwork

             Off-Shore Manufacture article; how it thwarts 6 of 8 cost reduction strategies
                for an illusion of cost reduction now.  This article has a news flash:

 The DFM book that shows how to design products and concurrently engineered process is being translated into Chinese, which has two big consequences to to American and European companies:

  • Cheap offshoring will come to an end after Chinese learn to develop their  own products there, which  was learned  two decades ago by the Koreans, who were taught  by Dr. Anderson.

  • Once the Chinese learn how to build manufacturable products in their own co-located factories,, they will become formidable competitors  because they will have Concurrent Engineering and Vendor/Partnerships (neither of which offshoring firms can have, as explained in the article) in addition to benefiting from low labor rates and various subsidies and helpful currency exchange rates. 

Bottom line: use DFM to lower coat, not trying offshoring, which won't anyway.

     Mergers & Acquisitions

     On-demand Lean Production article

     Quality: The Cost of Quality article

     Supply Chain Cost Reduction

    Measuring Total Cost and its importance to decision making, pricing, and real cost reduction,
            by Doug Hicks, CPA

Article links to

Recession_strategies article

Achieving Growth through BTO & Mass Customization article

Spontaneous Supply Chain article to pull parts and materials on-demand

Automatic Resupply Techniques article: kanban and breadtruck

End of the Line for Mass Production; No Time for Batches and Queues article, a witty and hard-hitting editorial on the demise of Mass Production

Links to other on-line Journal Articles and Chapters:

Dr. Anderson's new chapter, "Building, Supplying, and Designing Product Families" from the 2014 book,  "Advances in Product Family and Product Platform Design" can be downloaded for $29.95 at the Springer Publishing site at

Link to Ortho World article:  "Why Offshoring Manufacturing 'To Save Cost' Won’t, but Trying May Compromise Product Development, Delivery and Quality"

Link to ASME's April 2011 "Mechanical Engineering" article: "Mass Customization’s Missing Link – Building the Products"


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